New Year


Go gently into this new year.

If you’re up for rapid-fire frantic musing on identity, watch Hank Green.

“My self is just a story that I tell to myself that is just like any other story: subjective and incomplete and at least a little bit of a lie.”



If you’d prefer a sweet pensive song about versions of self, watch Iterations.

“I am recycled cells, I learn to like myself more with each iteration.”



If you’re in need of a meditative nature-based poem, watch Growing is Forever. I recommend full screen, high quality, sound up for this one. It’s good for three minutes of deep breathing, three minutes without distraction.

“It is not easy to grow so much for so long.”



(for better fullscreen, here’s the vimeo link: )

These are the thoughts and words I return to in this never-ending cycle of trying to be better. I floss now, and I spend more time reading, but I still don’t do sun salutations in the morning, and I haven’t been to the gym since I moved to Texas. My diligence in different areas of self-care fluctuates, and I’m okay with that. I’m building the habits, practices, skills, and experiences that will lead to a better me: stable, capable, strong.

Go gently into this new year.

Have compassion for who you have been, have compassion for who you are now, and have compassion for who you might become.


2 thoughts on “New Year

  1. I love all of these, Chloe! And you make me wonder… What if we older folks, who have been through multiple iterations, shared more openly about our previous selves? Maybe that would help younger folks see that they have much growing and being and becoming to do. Yes, go gently, every year.

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