(refuge in) Sunlight Cafe

A Mental Health Day/Reminiscing On

Date: Breakfast

Location: Sunlight Cafe

Mood/Weather: Sunny

Address: Intersection of NE 64th Street and Roosevelt Way NE

Our Order: Deluxe Huevos Rancheros, scrambled eggs, homefries, half of a toasted 7-grain English muffin with butter, plus a small bowl of black beans.

Comments as we ate:

“Whole grain done right.” She brushes crumbs from her mouth.

“Still very extremely hot.” He nurses his lips.

“Eat the eggs. They’ll go cold the first-est.” She jabs a fork in the direction of her scramble.

Setting: Sitting by the window at a table meant for two, with honey in a pot, conversing about the process of creating stained glass.

Away from the window on their other side is a counter, where a man sits, his red plaid jacket nearly-falling off of the stool beside him. He’s wearing a sleeveless blue shirt, and his bare arms rest on the wooden surface, as he leans forward to discuss #carproblems with a new-discovered neighbor, the pretty young waitress chilling across the way. (It’s late-morning on a weekday; the restaurant is not crowded.) He’s wearing faded denim and worn brown boots. You can hear the smile in his voice as he walks out with a “Ciao, bellas.”

I munch on homefries with unsweetened ketchup, flavorful black beans and satisfying toast: even their condiments and side dishes are wholesome and delicious.

This is hippie food done right.

Our date continued with a gorgeous drive to Discovery Park, non-stop chatter from me and so “HAPPY” we say, with our grins and our kisses and our eyes spilling out love.

Table view
Table view

Thank goodness for satisfying food, good service, and hands to hold when the world doesn’t make sense.


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